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Instagram is a “fast, beautiful and fun” way to share your photos. Think of it as a photo version of Twitter. “If Facebook is all about keeping tabs on friends, Instagram is about seeing the world through someone else’s eyes and it has proven to be compelling, even addictive.” (Calgaryherald 2012) The application is a smartphone photo sharing social-network that is based around the vernacular photography that has resulted from the ubiquitous presence of digital photography integrated with the modern mobile phone.

The images, shot with the phone’s internal camera, are combined with any one of a number of filters simulating the visual effects of film-based analogue photographics to construct imagery that uses the visual language of nostalgia and ‘retro’ and are arranged in a social networking architecture that is a mash up of previously tried and tested features of social media sites. These features serve to create a familiar environment for the user to begin the social archivization and networking not predominantly via text, but rather by more visual means.

Instagram started in mid-2010, as one of the many startups from the West Coast of the United States. Instagram reached over a million followers in less than 12 months. The app, which recently sold to Facebook for a billion dollars (Mashable 2012,) seems to be one of the few apps that get the wide scale/saturation adoption (and the valuation that goes alongside) that many dream of.

Instagram rose from a previous project by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger called Burbn, which shared the basic premise of retro image based photosharing, but with the progression of time. The technology has developed into a distinctive social network community of users who are creating fuzzy and slightly yellowed snapshots of their lunch, their pets, and just about everything else while documenting the human experience along the way.

But that’s not all there is to Instagram, there are so many features that cause users to constantly check their phones. Making the app. more addictive than Twitter. In the month of August 2012 Instagram reached a daily active user total of 7.3 million where Twitter had 6.9 million in the same timeframe (Isaac 2012.) Considering Instagram is only a few years old, the statistics are pretty crazy. Click the link to see how popular Instagram really is.

Feature of Instagram via Hipstagram

Friends of Instagram

Although Instagram was originally designed to be a stand alone app it has become so popular that other app developers have jumped on the instagram band wagon. Now there are literally thousands of applications and websites that work in conjunction with Instagram with various aspects.

The apps that appear in this iphone folder range from photo editing that can’t be done on instagram, photo captions, instant messaging, self promotion and follower tracking. However, these apps are not the limit of the types of applications and websites that can enhance the Instagram experience. Other include, Pintsrest style views, personal Instagram statistics, slide shows, Instagram photo printing and follower buying programs.

And it seems like people simply can’t get enough of instagram, there will soon be a eal-life, physical ‘Instagram’ camera is inching closer to reality, ADR Studios has revealed, with the device likely to hit the shelves in mid-2013. ( 2012) The camera will not only take Instagram-style photos but it will spit out Polariod prints.

With all the excitement of being sold to Facebook and beating Twitter in the social media race, it’s hard to say what the future of Instagram will hold. Not even big bloggers can give a clear prediction of this. But one thing is for certain; it’s defiantly worth keeping an eye on Instagram.


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